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MOUTH: Olivia [scraps] - J's Novel in Progress

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August 11th, 2005

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05:48 pm - MOUTH: Olivia [scraps]
Olivia's name reminds me of that character from The Sound of Music, the pretty, sophisticated baroness, Baroness Schraeder. I can't remember her first name, though I'm sure she had one.


I like Olivia. It's humiliating, admitting to myself that I don't hate this woman who's younger, prettier, and more successful than me. I'm disgusted by my utter lack of backbone. The woman sitting across from me at my own kitchen table has had an adulterous affair with my husband, and I can't muster the slightest bit of rancour. We're not friends, by any means, but still, it's unsettling and embarrassing.

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